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Mr. Joseph Steinberg has served as a director of Leucadia National since December 1978 and was President from January 1979 until March 1, 2013.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Leucadia National Corp.  Mr. Steinberg is also Chairman of the board of directors of HomeFed Corporation, a publicly-listed real estate development company in which Leucadia has an approximately 65% equity interest.  Mr. Steinberg serves on the board of directors of Crimson Wine Group, Ltd., Leucadia's former winery operations which were spun off to shareholders in February 2013, and has been a director of Jefferies since April 2008. Mr. Steinberg serves on the board of directors of HomeFed at Leucadia's request to oversee its significant investment in HomeFed, as well as various other subsidiaries and investee companies. Mr. Steinberg previously served as a director of Mueller Industries, Inc., Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, The FINOVA Group Inc. and White Mountains Insurance Group.
Mr. Steinberg has managerial and investing experience in a broad range of businesses through his 35 years of leadership with Leucadia. He also has experience serving on the boards of directors and committees of both public and private companies.


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